You walk into a book store to pick up a few good reads for yourself and probably, your children. As you look through the shelves, you find a beautifully designed book with a catch title. “Hmmm, this looks quite interesting! I would really love to read it,” you say.

You turn the first few pages and discover to your horror that this book with a catchy title and evocative cover design is riddled with grammatical errors ranging from missing to misspelt words, inappropriate phrases and disjointed texts in certain places. You take a second look at the author’s name and shake your head in disappointment as you walk away.

Two years later, you are in a book exhibition when you see a great-looking book which immediately lures you to itself. You stretch out your hands to pick it up from the shelf but stop short at the sight of the author’s name. Immediately, unpleasant memories flood your mind and you ditch the book faster than light.


Like that author, many authors have lost credibility and renown by missing one essential step in writing a book- hiring a professional editor. Some hire their friends and loved ones to edit their books while others compromise on the proficiency of the editor they hire and end up publishing error-ridden manuscripts.

As an avid reader, one of my greatest frustrations is reading a book with noticeable grammar flaws, typing errors, poor fluidity of thought, crappiness of story lines and weak structure. This is why excellent editing is a core part of our services in SW Advantage Resources. It is the secret behind our success and the reason we treat every manuscript which comes to us with utmost care and attention.

We are passionate about excellent communication- helping your readers understand exactly what you intend to pass across to them. And you should be, too. Remember, your story is answer to someone’s prayer and it is essential that you imprint your legacy on their hearts.

At SW Advantage Resources, we offer different levels of editing including proofreading, copy editing, substantive editing and developmental editing.

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You have a great idea. In fact, your idea is the next best thing to the long-awaited cancer vaccine. No, you are not conceited. You know, you know and you really know that your message will help innumerable others come into a richer, fuller life.

It could be a story of heartbreak, domestic violence and divorce which nearly tore your world apart or a chronicle of your experiences in the public/private sector where you served meritoriously for over thirty years, leaving a legacy that’s unstained and irreproachable. It could be groundbreaking discovery that has changed your life and others’ or a how-to manual for achieving certain results.

Whatever your message is, if it has the potential to heal, guide, uplift and restore even one individual, it deserves to be told. It’s your story and it deserves to be passed on from generation to generation. What you call a walk in the park could be another person’s struggle and they deserve to be helped by you.

And we are here to help you.

Writing a book you are proud of given your level of influence and thirst for excellence can be an arduous task. What with your perceived lack of creative writing skills and deliriously hectic schedule! In between juggling your many responsibilities, there’s barely any time to write yet your message must be told.

Let us help you.

We will be with you every step of the way. From concept to print, our voice you will hear and our hand you will hold. You never have to walk alone. Not with our readiness to write your story in your own words, voice and language. Not on our watch.

The journey to being a published author has never been easier. Take your first step to establishing a lasting legacy today.