About Us

About SW-Advantage

In March 2015, a young lady was recommended for a freelance editing job. Even though she was offered only a small sum, she did the job so well, renowned consultants, coaches and thought leaders began to court her services for their books. Soon, it became known that IniWrites had an exceptional way of refining manuscripts without changing the authors’ voices. Surely, this was magic!
In September 2016, she founded SW Advantage Resources. Since our humble beginning in 2016, we have helped scores of individuals publish books that have earned them recognition, opened doors for outstanding opportunities and of course, multiplied their income. Some of our clients include globally acclaimed influencers, corporate leaders, business owners, traditional rulers and thought leaders.

Do you want to write a book? Create history? Dictate how you will be remembered?

We offer a range of training courses for aspiring editors, professional editors, writers, business owners and executives. These courses and programs include the Fundamentals of Editing course-on-demand, Fundamentals of Editing Bootcamp, The Business of Editing Workshop, Sell in Seven Seconds (a course in copywriting for professionals and business owners), and more.
In addition, we serve organizations, training their staff on Business Communication and Grammar.
So far, we have trained over one hundred and twenty-five professionals and career upstarts with spectacular reviews. Our goal is to train and equip one thousand editors and hundreds of professionals in 2021.