Five Mistakes Authors Make — and how to Remedy them

According to Wikipedia, an author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play and is also considered a writer. More broadly defined, an author is ‘the person who originated or gave existence to anything’ and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

Based on this definition, an author could as well pass for a creator. Yes, you read right. An author is a creator! The word, ‘Creator’ has a ring of perfection to it, right? Now, I hate to burst your bubble, but some authors make mistakes too…yes, even as creators. Let us have a sneak peek at some of them.

  1. Not establishing the ‘why’

One of the worst things that can happen to any author is not identifying the reason for the writing. When this is the case, the readers are left more confused than when they started reading the book (especially for non-fiction writing). When authors spell out their objectives and know what they want to achieve with the book, it will go a long way to determine the success of the book. At SW Advantage Resources, we work with you to help establish your ‘why’. Reach us on +234 818 709 6052 or if you prefer, email to get started.

  • Not identifying the target audience

If an author fails to identify whom they are writing for, who will? When an author writes without a target audience in mind, it affects the delivery of the message. No single book can solve all the problems in the world, or appeal to all ages or gender, so, authors and potential authors must not try to do so. Picking a target audience and focusing on connecting with them will help the delivery of the message. You need help identifying your potential readers? SW Advantage Resources is just a call or an email away (+234 818 709 6052 or if you prefer, email

  • Not paying attention to structure

When authors do not pay attention to the structure of their writing, they end up with readers who are unable to make sense of what they are reading. Just as you would add the right kind of ingredients to the food you are preparing at the appropriate time, authors must learn to pace their writing in a way that there is a sequence and a well-defined structure.

This helps to put things in perspective and make the reader flow with the book. Before any author embarks on writing, it is important to first map out an outline which will serve as a guide as they put their thoughts into words.

Incidentally, at SW Advantage Resources, one art we have mastered so well is churning out books with great structures. We do it so well that it has become a second nature to us. Dial us now on +234 818 709 6052 or if you prefer, email

  • Not choosing a style guide

A style guide is a manual that is designed to help authors achieve consistency in their writing. It dictates how best to present the words in a way that will suit the target reader. Style guides create uniformity throughout an entire body of work and helps the author reach their readers in a language and style they understand.

Some authors do not pay attention to this and end up with manuscripts written with no clear style. To solve this problem, an author must identify the language of the audience they are writing for. This will help them know the appropriate style guide to use. At SW Advantage Resources, when we know the language for your target audience, we ensure we stick to the preferred style guide.

  • Not engaging the services of a professional editor

Last but not the least, not engaging the services of a professional editor is a fundamental mistake some authors make. Of all mistakes to avoid, I would say this is topmost on the list.

Even if you want to self-publish their book, we advise you solicit the services of an editor. Why? You may ask. The reason is, even if an author is guilty of other mistakes highlighted and more, the editor will fix them all to make the author command authority in their field. Yes, the editor is the extra pair of eyes who will go to any length to ensure that manuscripts receive the tender loving care they require to translate them to the best-selling book the author envisions. In case you are still in doubt, SW Advantage Resources is your plug for excellent and professional editing. We offer top-notch ghostwriting and editing services. We go the extra mile to interpret your ideas just as you have imagined it in your dreams and almost all the time, we exceed our targets. Don’t just take our word for it, rather, engage our services to have a first-hand experience.

There you have it. Which of these mistakes are you guilty of?