Hello, everyone, how are you? Good morning, this is Ini Akpan. I haven’t done a video in a long time. So I’m excited to do this, you know, like, so let me know if you prefer videos to text because I mean, I’m trying to do what I believe you would like. So just let me know, if you prefer videos to text and then we’ll just stick to videos because I have lots of exciting topics I want to teach.
Now, did you know that there are four different types of editing? You did not?
Oh my God…then I’m here for you.
So there are four different types of editing. And I find this interesting in an interesting topic, because every time I speak with editors, (maybe not every time) , not every time, my senior friends in the industry know this, but it seems that so many of us- you know, my peers…
Yeah, we don’t seem to know that there are four different types of editing. So let me hit you up.

Number one there is developmental editing, yeah! There is Structural editing, also known as content editing, or substantive editing. There is copy editing, and there is proofreading.

Now, when someone sends you a manuscript, right, the manuscript may require all four types of editing. They may require just one type of editing, right, which is probably proofreading.
But many times authors just say, Oh, my manuscript needs proofreading, and then the structure is terrible, and you go ahead to proofread…
So you need to know the different types of editing there are, and then which your proficiency lies in. Right and you know, different things. So in the next few videos, I’m going to be sharing with you each type of editing you know, what they entail, and how to get better at them. Like I said, I have lots of interesting topics to bring to you. I’m so glad to be back. Alright, see ya next week.
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