Hello. My name is in Ini Akpan, Editor and publisher. And this is the first edition of dear author in a long time. Dear Author videos I mean, in a long time, I haven’t done videos in a very long time. And I’m just getting back to doing videos and I’m excited. I’m excited at this because we have a lot of hot topics to tell you in your publishing journey. So if you’re interested in getting tips on how to publish a book, turn on post notifications now! Get your editors to turn on post notifications, get your publisher to turn post notifications, everybody who is helping you write your book, get them to turn on post notifications because we’re going to be helping you on this publishing journey. All right. So, straight to today’s topic…
Friends and family are not your customers!
Yes, I said that.
So how many friends do you have? Ten thousand? Five hundred thousand? How many family members do you have, 1000?
Well, guess what? Your friends and your family will not buy your book. I’m sorry to disappoint you, but that’s the truth. They will not buy your book. They may buy 10 copies, 50 copies, 100 copies, 200 copies? If you are very, very, very popular, 1000 copies. But then, if you’re very, very popular, you’re probably going to be printing like a hundred thousand copies. So as you can see, friends and family are not your strategy.

How do I know this? I’ve worked with close to 100 authors. Right. And so I can tell that it doesn’t work. Now, what works? So sure, you know, turning post notifications, as I said, and in the next videos, I will tell you how to reach your ideal clients , How to know who they are, how to reach them, how to target them. The things that you need to do from the time you start writing your book to the time you know, you publish, and you put it, out there in the market, the things that you need to do to be able to make your book writing a profitable venture.
My name once again is Ini Akpan, and I am here to help you publish and profit from your book. All right. See you next week. Turn on post notifications….bye!