Ghostwriting in Nigeria

Ghostwriting is the process of writing a piece of copy under someone else’s name. Okay, that’s a lot of grammar.

In very simple words, ghostwriting is when someone takes the thoughts in your heart and communicates them expressly to your target audience, in a language that they understand.

Now, how does that sound?

Imagine that you need to send a proposal or pitch a business idea to an investor, but you don’t know how to capture your thoughts in words that are both clear and compelling enough to get the investor to buy into your business idea. This is where the need for a ghostwriter comes in. And we at SW Resources Advantage are poised to be your plug for that.

Before I tell you more about how SW Advantage can be your ghostwriting plug, let me educate you more about ghostwriting, and why you may need one.

First, let’s look at the types of ghostwriting. According to there are two major types of ghostwriting: creative work and professional work.

1) Creative work: These include autobiographies, family history, fiction and scripts/screenplays. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Although an autobiography typically means a self-written biography – the story of one’s own life, many famous figures, especially those who lack communication skills, often hire a ghostwriter to compose their autobiography. Also, the ghostwriter, who is a third party, is often more predisposed to help the subject to give a robust and objective view of his or her story to the readers.

Family history
Just like autobiographies, ghostwriters can study a family’s history without bias. Such ghostwriting also allows for a more objective and comprehensive examination.

Ghostwriters are also perfect for fiction. Sometimes, a person may have an idea for a great story but lack the ability to creatively transfer these thoughts to paper. Hiring a ghostwriter allows the author to turn the story ideas into a manuscript and bring it to life.

Writing scripts and screenplays require skills that are substantially different from the typical storytelling techniques. So, you may be a writer or even a published author; however, if you do not properly understand stage directions, dialogue, or camera angles, you may have a problem turning your story or idea to a workable script or screenplay. Hiring a ghostwriter is essential to speed up the writing process. Ghostwriters are often hired to write for TV shows with short deadlines.

2) Professional work: These include business reports/records, how-to manuals, blogs, medical documents, speeches, social media, etc. Let’s look at each of these more closely.

Business reports/records
Some businesses hire ghostwriters to take their meeting minutes (or notes), which are kept on file. This is especially important in negotiations, courtrooms, and governmental meetings.

How-to manuals
Comprehensive instruction manuals (user guide) accompany many products, including electronics, household appliances, tools, and even medications. And a ghostwriter can be hired to handle these. This is probably the most tedious area of ghostwriting,

Medical documents
Researchers and scientists, while experienced and well versed in their fields, may not possess the skills necessary to write medical reports and journal articles. To publicize their research, they often hire ghostwriters to communicate their ideas and findings.

While blogs are typically thought of as online diaries, many are used for advertising, sales, and other marketing objectives. Ghostwriters can help companies achieve this goal in the midst of their heavy workloads and busy schedules.

Politicians, celebrities, and corporate executives might have the charisma to deliver compelling speeches, but they often lack the ability to transfer their thoughts into writing. Ghostwriters can be delegated to write these speeches, which take some of the pressure off the public figures they are ghostwriting for.

Social media
Along with speeches, many public figures and businesses need ghostwriters to manage their social media accounts to create regular content that inform and engage their audience.

Who Needs A Ghostwriter?
From the different types of ghostwriting explained above, I believe you can tell if you need a ghostwriter or not.

If you’re a busy business executive, a celebrity, a religious leader, a motivational speaker, a tech guru, a newbie writer or even an established author, a ghostwriter can help make your writing come alive better and faster. And this is where we at SW Advantage come in, especially if you want to publish excellently written books that are engaging, reader-friendly, error-free and globally acceptable.

Who Are We and What Do We Do At SW Advantage Resources?

We are a phenomenal team of purpose-driven professionals who believe that you have life-changing stories to tell – not only to influence the world, but also as a perpetual legacy for yourself, one better than ten sons.

Our mission is to promote a culture of literary excellence in Africa and other non-native English continents.

We help busy professionals share their experiences and broaden their influence through excellently written books, without having to pause their many other projects. From the conceptualization of your ideas, to the design and distribution, we help you birth books that are appealing, reader-friendly and free of errors. Our ardent clients have lots of testimonies from working with us. Contact us today to see and experience the best.