For us at SW Advantage, ghostwriting is the smooth and easy process via which we lead our clients from fear and confusion to pride and confidence in their published books.
One statement none of our authors has ever made is “This book doesn’t sound like me.” This is because over the years, we have tested and refined our process to ensure that we help them share their stories, thoughts, and experiences in a way that no one else can.

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We have different ghostwriting and publishing packages to meet your needs. Our special packages include:

In this package, we help you create high-yielding, magnetic books that will scale your business, attract high-prospect clients who adore you, and position you as an authority in your industry.
Give your guests a gift they can’t resist and watch them shower you with cash in return. For as little as $1,000, you can write and publish a book your friends will love and adore you for. Instead of spending money on a lavish party and not getting useful gifts in return, take advantage of this package ¬― while leveraging the goodwill of your friends and family.
Have you overcome hurdles with your significant other that you would love to help others cross with more ease? In an age where more and more marriages are reported to be short-lived and unhappy, you and your spouse could be the light that millions seek. Celebrate your tenth, twentieth, thirtieth, fortieth, fiftieth and sixtieth-year wedding anniversaries in grand style by taking this package today.
You have worked hard and devoted your life to a noble career. You have attained exceptional feats and a stellar reputation. It’s time to take a bow but when you are gone, what will you be remembered for? Human memory is fickle and soon, your laudable achievements will be forgotten. Well, only if you do not leverage this offer designed specifically for you.
Get amazing discounts by publishing three or more books at the same time. You don’t think you can do it? Don’t worry, that’s where our expertise comes in. SW Advantage has you covered.
Would you like to work with the best to get your book written, edited and published?

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